Research Findings

The benefits of Rolfing have been tested and quantified multiple times through dozens of published studies. These studies have been conducted by a wide range of professionals including: professors at UCLA and Harvard, Directors of Human Resources at major manufacturing corporations, and medical doctors at major hospitals.

The research findings from these Rolfing Studies has enabled Rolfing Structural Integration to be present in a variety of different settings including:

  • The Phoenix suns were the first professional sports team to hire a Rolfer in 1994,
  • Starkey Laboratories which is one of the largest custom hearing aid manufacturers in the world found that Rolfing was able to decrease there workers compensation costs by 92% in a seven year span
  • The New Jersey Veterans Affairs offers Rolfing to veterans to treat chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder.

If you are interested in viewing some of the studies and research articles on Rolfing Structural Integration, you can find more information at: